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If your application randomly fails because with this error: Software caused connection abort: recv failed chances are reading this article will help you¬†diagnosing and fixing it.If that’s not the case, i’m sure you’ll learn something useful.¬† Advertisements

Error when integrating the PayPal API

Piece a crap! I’ve spent half a day debugging this error.. So you are trying to convert some avi movies into flv and get rich with your video uploading website.. You’ve tested you upload video functionality and it works flawless, untill some guy comes and say: hey i’ve tried to upload this video and it […]

This usually happens when you do a fresh install of your system and reinstall LAMP.. then you copy/paste your backup configuration files. If you use vhosts (virtual hosts) you may get this error in Event viewer. It happens because apache tries to access a file in a folder which doesn’t exists. For example,i had setup […]

A “net headache” as the name implies is a condition of pain in the head resulted from an annoying error that you read on the computer monitor. This type of headache mostly installs when you do a thing 1000+ times and it worked perfectly and when you do it once more you are served with […]