What is a “net headache”?

A “net headache” as the name implies is a condition of pain in the head resulted from an annoying error that you read on the computer monitor. This type of headache mostly installs when you do a thing 1000+ times and it worked perfectly and when you do it once more you are served with a stupid error.. You start cursing, your blood pressure increases, you start sweating and you wondering : where da fuck did that come from? At least, this has happened to me right now, after I installed the Apache web server a hundred times before and now it just won’t work..

The “net headache” is even more intense when you are a software engineer, have BS degree and everybody knows you as “the guy who knows computers well” and you have the idea the everything makes sense and there is not reason why it shouldn’t work

Unfortunately there is no pill for this kind of headache.. But there are some solutions. Here is what you can do:

  • shutdown the damn PC (usually by unplugging it) and go to sleep – if you are a true computer addicted , you never do this
  • grab the monitor and smash it in a wall or something – if you are a true computer addicted, you must’ve done this at least once
  • do a career turn and start selling brownies

or you can read my blog and look here for solutions for your “net headaches”.


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